Short Cuts – Index

  1. Short Cuts 1: The Sixth Gun Book 7: Not the Bullet, But the Fall; Letter 44 Volume 1: Escape Velocity; Wizzywig: Portrait of a Serial Hacker
  2. Short Cuts 2: Snow Complete Edition; The Chairs’ Hiatus; Curse; Hit: 1955
  3. Short Cuts 3: East of West: The World; East of West Vol. 3; Saga Volume Four
  4. Short Cuts 4: Black Science, Vol. 2 – Welcome, Nowhere; Monsters & Titans; Snipe; Andrew Jackson Throws a Punch; Leaving Megalopolis
  5. Short Cuts 5: Saucer Country, Vol. 2 – The Reticulan Candidate; Heck; Secret, Volume 1– Never Get Caught; Animal Man, Vol. 5 – Evolve Or Die!
  6. Short Cuts 6: I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Agents; Richard Stark’s Parker–Slayground; The Little Man–Short Strips 1980–1995; Battling Boy–The Rise of Aurora West
  7. Short Cuts 7: The Children of Palomar; Genius; The Sixth Gun–Sons of the Gun; Julio’s Day
  8. Short Cuts 8: Fatale Book Five–Curse The Demon; The Sixth Gun Book 8–Hell And High Water; Deadly Class Volume 2–Kids of the Black Hole; East of West, Vol. 4–Who Wants War?
  9. Short Cuts 9: Fairest Vol. 5–The Clamour for Glamour; Morning Glories Volume Eight–Rivals; B.P.R.D. 1946-1948; Constantine, Vol. 2–Blight
  10. Short Cuts 10: Lazarus, Volume Three–Conclave; Velvet Vol.2–The Secret Lives of Dead Men; Constantine Vol. 3–The Voice In The Fire; Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.–1952
  11. Short Cuts 11: The Sixth Gun–Days of the Dead; Black Science Vol. 3–Vanishing Pattern; Swamp Thing Vol. 6–The Sureen; Deadly Class Vol. 3–The Snake Pit
  12. Short Cuts 12: Saga Vol. 5; Dead Boy Detectives Vol.2–Ghost Snow; American Vampire Vol. 7; The Wicked+The Divine Vol. 2–Fandemonium
  13. Short Cuts 13: The Walking Dead–The Alien; The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 3–Commercial Suicide; American Vampire Vol. 8; Lazarus Vol. 4–Poison
  14. Short Cuts 14: Manhattan Projects Volume 6; MIND MGMT Volume Four–The Magician; MIND MGMT Volume Five–The Eraser; Alex + Ada Volume 2
  15. Short Cuts 15: Saga Volume Six; Alex + Ada Volume 3; Morning Glories Volume 9-Assembly; The Sixth Gun-Dust To Death
  16. Short Cuts 16: The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 4–Rising Action; Descender Vol. 2–Machine Moon; Low Vol. 2–Before the Dawn Burns Us; Southern Bastards Volume 3–Homecoming
  17. Short Cuts 17: East Of West Vol. 5–All These Secrets; Trees, Vol. 2; The Last Days of American Crime; Constantine Vol. 4–The Apocalypse Road
  18. Short Cuts 18: The Fuse Vol. 2 – Gridlock; Nailbiter Volume 2 – Bloody Hands; Abe Sapien, Vol. 3 – Dark & Terrible & the New Race of Man; Criminal Macabre – The Eyes of Frankenstein; Lobster Johnson, Vol. 2 – The Burning Hand
  19. Short Cuts 19: Deadly Class Vol. 4 – Die for Me; ODY-C, Vol. 2 – Sons of the Wolf; Nailbiter Vol. 3 – Blood in the Water; Abe Sapien, Vol. 4 – The Shape of Things to Come; Lobster Johnson, Vol. 3 – Satan Smells a Rat
  20. Short Cuts 20: Low Vol. 3 – Shore Of The Dying Light; Tokyo Ghost Volume Two – Come Join Us; Hit – 1957; Velvet Vol. 3 – The Man Who Stole the World; Black Science Vol. 4 – Godworld 
  21. Short Cuts 21: Hellboy in Hell Vol. 2 – The Death Card; Paper Girls 2; Pretty Deadly Vol. 2 – The Bear; Frankenstein: Alive, Alive! 
  22. Short Cuts 22: Saga Volume Seven; Clean Room Vol. 2 – Exile; Deadly Class, Vol. 5 – Carousel; Criminal Macabre – The Third Child
  23. Short Cuts 23: Unfollow Vol. 2 – God Is Watching; Nailbiter Vol. 4 – Blood Lust; The Love Bunglers; Marble Season
  24. Short Cuts 24: Descender, Vol. 3 – Singularities; The Sheriff of Babylon, Vol. 2 – Pow. Pow. Pow.; Monstress Vol. 2 – The Blood; Lobster Johnson, Vol. 4 – Get the Lobster
  25. Short Cuts 25: Lazarus Vol. 5 – Cull; Low Vol. 4 – Outer Aspects of Inner Attitudes; Silver Volume 3; Zomnibus Vol. 1
  26. Short Cuts 26: Injection Volume Two; East of West Volume 6; Umami; Zomnibus Vol. 2

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